Rotary Un-Smartphone

The new and improved rotary cell phone kit

Why a rotary cell phone? Because in a finicky touchscreen world of hyperconnected devices we have no real control over, there should be an alternative. This isn't merely an anachronistic curiosity. It's an everyday-usable phone that embraces the lost art of the tactile interface and glove-slaps the "every piece of technology should be a featureless slab" design philosphy. As a telephone, in many ways it's more functional than a smartphone.

Rotary Cell Phone Mk1

The original 3G kit

The original rotary cell phone, which was a hastily realized kit-offering of a personal project that went viral; 3D printed parts and a motherboard paired with user-sourced components, like a modified Trimline rotary mechanim and an Adafruit FONA 3G. Now deprecated, this is the predecessor to the fully-polished "Rotary Un-Smartphone".