NearZero2 (NZ2)™

Fine positioning of brushless motors to arbitrarily low speeds


The NearZero (NZ) controller allows fine, slow motion, or positioning control of all brushless motors for direct drive applications, open or closed loop. Intended usage includes controlling hub motors for domestic robots, self-balancing devices, actuators for manipulators and robotic arms, and motorized or stabilized gimbals and mounts.

  • Control brushless motors at arbitrarily low speeds
  • Command with a few lines of Python on Raspberry Pi and other SBCs
  • OR use the PWM inputs with an R/C receiver, an analog 0-5V input, or CAN bus
  • 2 independent channels
  • Bi-directional command of velocity, position, or torque (effort)
  • Open-loop or Field-Oriented Control
  • Hardware-based FOC with a Trinamic chipset
  • I2C interface allows connecting up to 119 boards
  • Pass encoder data over I2C for odometry or force-feedback controls
  • 25kHz+ pure sine commutation for "squeal-free", totally silent operation
  • 20A continuous, 30A peak per channel powered by 7 - 55VDC

  • Documentation:

  • Quick Start + Manual: An actual manual with everything you need to know in one place
  • Python files: To get up and running in minutes on a Raspberry Pi or Nvidia Jetson
  • Video: A brief demonstration of the NearZero1. New video for the NZ2 forthcoming
  • Video: A thorough description of the original NearZero1 and the Robowheel. New video for the NZ2 forthcoming.
  • Open Source Files:

  • Firmware: Arduino-compatible
  • Electrical:The KiCad files
  • Mechanical:STEP files and PDFs
  • License: Read before forking

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    NearZero NZ2:


    The NearZero2 will be available in late 2023.