Canada Build

Discuss building, using, and modifying the Rotary Un-Smartphone.
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Canada Build

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I've been so excited for this! The build so far has been a lot of fun. I should have checked the flow rate and pressure requirements of the super glue. I thought I was being gentle... :x I soaked the bearing and part ... definitely have some isopropyl alcohol near by to soak and break down the glue. When winding the clockspring don't underestimate the torque required to hold it stationary. Getting the dial mechanism to move freely wasn't too bad. I somehow overwound the spring while adjusting and had to disassemle a few times when things seemed to bind. There was some glue I needed to clean up before some pieces would sit properly. I can't find my long spacer and had put the short one in there before realizing it's way to short. I'm sure I have the parts to make a new spacer, if anyone has the measurement for this part I'd be grateful.
THANKS JUSTINE for letting me be a part of this!
Side note/request... is it possible to get a clear housing so I can see all the innards?
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Re: Canada Build

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Hi Terry,

I can send you extra parts! Just email me and let me know exactly what you need. I know the gluing is finicky. Thanks for the comments here though, and I think a totally clear casing is a neat idea but it's not straightforward as the injection molding tooling would need to be polished on the interior surface too, and I'm also not sure if the mold would otherwise need to change to shoot polycarbonate, which I think requires more pressure.
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