Rotary Un-Smartphone for Australian users

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Rotary Un-Smartphone for Australian users

Post by vintagemind »

Hey everyone!

I was just wondering if the Rotary Un-Smartphone works for Australian users. I am very interested in getting one but unfortunately it is a BETA version. Are there any major differences between the normal USA version and the BETA version? Thanks!

Kind regards,


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Re: Rotary Un-Smartphone for Australian users

Post by justine »

Hi Vintagemind,

I have the non-N. American versions listed as beta tests only because I don't personally plan to test the phone in every region outside of my locality any time soon, so I'll be relying on user reports to be really confident the phone works, and with which carriers.

The only design difference is that there's two or three versions of the cellular transceiver (it's a chip, basically), optimized with different bands for different regions. Actually I had to change the chipset a bit since I set up the website (it'll be the TOBY-R2 modem, not the TOBY-L2) and it's actually just one type for global use and one type for N. America+Global, so all the different variants I have in the drop down box for the different regions aren't representative of different hardware versions. I have to fix the website soon.


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Re: Rotary Un-Smartphone for Europe and Japan users

Post by mlau »

Hey Justine, since a while I am on the lookout for a replacement for my smartphone. An article in the guardian made me aware of your product. Few days later and I preordered one. Since I life in Europe but travel to Japan from time to time I was wondering if the updated chipset means that it can be used globally. Could you please elaborate on it? Cheers! BR mlau

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