LED Light/Lamps - Danger!

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LED Light/Lamps - Danger!

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** Twice in the last eight months I've had problems with cheap non approved (by CSA or UL) Chinese manufactured LED lights that somehow are being sold to consumers..... :evil:

My first incident involved some electronic probes that would not calibrate properly in the presence of this type of uncertified LED lamp. (it took a few days to determine this incidents cause)

I had made shielded cables, I constructed a Faraday cage over my experiment, checked grounding & added grounding to any nearby equipment ...etc. before I confirmed the lamp problem..... :o

Next discovery was over a nearly two month period when strange squeals, pops, hisses etc. appeared in my data transfers to & from USB & hard-drive sources.... :cry:

I had previously replaced my desktop incandescent work lamp with a multispectral output LED Lamp that was given as a Christmas present.

** It finally occurred to me that I was once again experiencing radiative noise from this cheap non-approved LED light (no UL or CSA Label) ... it caused me a big headache for a few days as I had to reconstruct some of my work! (the light now resides in the garage - it was too late to return it..... :x

I will replace it with a good old fashioned incandescent bulb type! ..... :!:

(Chocked-up to Lessons Learned) ....;--O

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