Open Source is good

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Open Source is good

Post by andyinyakima »

Andy here.

Open source is good. It's even better with video support. I have down loaded lots of coding
videos, especially hardware interface videos. I just play and pause till I get the code

Open hardware is also good. If a company developes a product into a piece of hardware that
can be supported with open software (or firmware) that is wonderful. If the company makes the
product at a price point that is comparable to a proprietary code company I will buy from the
open company always.

I do buy from closed companies but they need to have a niche that I need. Even closed companies
have better support because of the open competition.

I find when I buy a product I get what I pay for but I am finding better bang for the buck the
more open a company is.

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Re: Open Source is good

Post by 13jwg »

I agree Andy,

As Microsoft moves away (so I hear) from solely a Windows platform and integrates open source, it makes sense to delve into Linux or one of it's derivatives like Ubuntu, the OS is FREE!. ...... :mrgreen:

Lots of open source opportunities there with a lot already employed .... give it a try .... :D

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Re: Open Source is good

Post by andyinyakima »

I have been a Linux user for a long time now; must be going on 15 years.
Running Ubuntu 18.04 with 20.04 on another ssd drive. I jump to 20.04 if I
want to check out an improvement. I have a Jetson Nano that runs my ag-robot
and it runs a modified version of Ubuntu 18.04.

I run Qt creator to develop code for my robot and other projects. I've been using
Qt almost as long as Linux. Thought about jumping to python a few times but I'm use
to C/C++. Qt has changed it's license over the years and has two Licenses; the open
source users license and a closed source license. If they ever take the open source
license away I will have to look for another IDE.
Any how I prototype my donkey software on my desktop and get most of the bugs out of
it then load it on a stick to port it to my robot. It's been working pretty good thus far since
I am running same OS on both machines.

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Re: Open Source is good

Post by vintagemind »

Well I am a SUMO and KB writer for Mozilla Firefox. Helping people and contributing to open source code can sometimes be a bit tiring. :)

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