driving brushless IPower GM110-8 with arduino pwm

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driving brushless IPower GM110-8 with arduino pwm

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First of all, I wanted to thank you for this amazing piece of work that is the NZ1 driver and wish you a happy new year from France.

I managed to get 2 NZ1 drivers (to have a spare one just in case, since my electronics are only at the level they should be as a software engineer :roll: )
I am trying to control 2 brushless motors (IPower GM110-8: 20V 0.56A) using arduino through pwm and going for position mode (pwm center offset set to auto).
I managed to get a spark on one of the drivers while switching the input jumper position (used a screwdriver while driver was powered with a 30 volt :? ). Ever since, the driver is looping at startup after first motor calibration and won't go into USB configuration mode:
  • Would you by any chance have an idea if this can be fixed with minimal component replacement or arduino firmware? or do we have to send it back?
Using the second driver I can drive the motors but I kindly request your help on these 4 questions:
  • When I input a pwm over 255 it seems I get a resulting position that seems to be a modulo % (the motor goes back to starting position and progresses from there) is that the expected behavior or is there a way to have the motor still move "forward"?
  • Sometimes at startup both motors are calibrated then only channel 1 works (seems related to arduino pwm value at statup?) is there a way to prevent this?
  • Is there a way to make sure I have have a 1° or 0.5° angle precision using pwm (a maximum gain I suppose)?
  • Once the driver has calibrated, It seems that the motor can't go to a "negative" position from the initial position without changing the configuration or wiring, am I missing something here?
Thanks in advance for your time,

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