Discuss using and implementing the NearZero motor controller and the RoboWheel hubmotor.
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Very happy to discover your work today. Robotics Mobility Package in cart pending spousal approval.

The thought is to put a 5 axis hot glue printer/epoxy soaked string/adhesive dispenser on a mobile robot platform. For making objects like canoes or fiber reinforced wheels over stainless salad bowl bucks. The idea is to spool out a 3D tension frame that can withstand compression once cured. Crossings secured with hot glue till cured. Then dispense cold adhesive over each string (Jetson vision for fine location). Apply translucent heat shrink hull sheet (Monokote). A modern version of Inuit skin on gut frame kayak/canoe.

I would also like to build an outdoor domestic robot to carry hose reel, extension cord, cooler, potable water, grill, ham radio, groceries, welder, whatever. When unloaded, it could portage the canoe, then get in and float to the next portage. Haven't figured that part out yet. Some sort of bow ramp so he can get in the front to balance my weight.

Most if not all of the brushless wheel motors I've seen don't claim to be any better than IP54 for keeping elements out. Is better wheel motor sealing possible? How?

Consider what it would take for your wheel motors to survive a too deep mud puddle or 30 second immersion in a pond. Or just sitting outdoors through UV, heat, humidity, rain, cold. Would it be sufficient to spray conformal coating inside and perform regular disassembly and cleaning with clear fresh water and alcohol? What happens to the controller if the phase wire connections are submerged? I'm not looking for any kind of claim or guarantee, clearly this is a bad idea. But those are my favorite kind. :roll:

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Re: Groovy

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Hi Groovy,

Your project sounds awesome, and thanks for the order.

I had another inquiry about water resistance for the RoboWheels and don't yet have a good answer. Electrically, the windings and magnets should be fine. The bearings aren't intended for prolonged use in water, but they *may* be okay with their native grease. My biggest concern is the encoder, which is likely to be error prone with any exposure to water, and which would be difficult to gaurd against.

I plan to do some tests to figure out how much we can really abuse the RoboWheel.

As for the NearZero board, if that gets wet at all during operationg it will likely fry it. If it's a concern, you'll want to make provisions to keep water away. Conformal coating is something I could consider in the future.


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