Minibot sumo

Discuss using and implementing the NearZero motor controller and the RoboWheel hubmotor.
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Minibot sumo

Post by OlivierVa »

Tout d'abord je ne parle pas anglais. Je me débrouille donc avec Google Trad, sorry :oops:
J'ai un projet de minibot sumo avec des brushless.
j'ai déjà obtenu des résultats avec le travail de Berryjam ( ... h-arduino/) et un Arduino Nano. Mais, définitivement, ce n'est pas approprié.
Je suis tombé sur ton travail par hasard. Les infos techniques sont dure à touver pour piloter des brushless avec un Arduino...
Je ne suis pas programmeur, j'avance à tatons et je n'ai pas de capteur de courant... (A0 isense)(et aucun autre capteur ! :? )
Auriez-vous une solution ?
J'utilise :
Brushless :
Drivers : ... l6234.html
Controleur : arduino mega 2560 (après essais j'utiliserai ceci : ... ompatible/


First of all I don't speak English. So I manage with Google Trad, sorry :oops:

I have a sumo minibot project with brushless.

I have already obtained results with the work of Berryjam ( ... h-arduino/) and an Arduino Nano . But, definitely, it is not appropriate.

I came across your work by chance. The technical info is hard to find to drive brushless with an Arduino...

I'm not a programmer, I'm groping and I don't have a current sensor... (A0 isense)(and no other sensor ! :? )

Do you have a solution?

I use:
Drivers: ... l6234.html
Controller: arduino mega 2560 (après essais j'utiliserai ceci : ... ompatible/





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Re: Minibot sumo

Post by justine »

Hi OlivierVa,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I'm not familiar with the Minibot Sump project per se, but I use the L6234 3-phase bridge on the NearZero controller so maybe I can help.

So is it just that you're looking for a current sensor to use with it? The easiest thing is to use a chip that's meant for current sensing. I use this one: ... ND/4948879

And I see that Sparkfun sells it on a breakout board here: ... ND/4948879

Does that seem like the kind of thing you're thinking of? That chip is single-channel though, so you'd need two if you want continuous monitoring of both channels.


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